CSA and You

Even though the snow is still on the ground, we have been working on our farm for more than two months.  It may seem like we get a break during the winter months, but only between Thanksgiving and Christmas…and sometimes we extend that to New Year’s.  As Valentine’s Day approaches, many exciting things have been happening at Cook Grow Sew.  We are finalizing our seed order (We LOVE our seed catalogues!) and it’s very hard to choose all of the heirloom varieties that we want to grow!  There are SO MANY to pick from.  We weigh what our customers want, as well as, what new varieties of popular vegetables we can grow.  Farmer’s Market applications are also due quite soon, so we have to figure out where we can spend our time and how we can best reach our existing and new customers.  It may not seem like a lot, but it truly is.  We care about our customers and our land, so it’s quite the task.

It’s starting to warm up out here in Nebraska.  I know it feels like ages away, but it’s true…Spring is on the way!  It’s time to start thinking about why a CSA is good for you and your family.  There are many CSAs to join around the Lincoln area, and even though it may seem daunting to join one, it’s a great challenge.

At Cook Grow Sew, Jeremiah and I strive to help you discover new vegetables and ways to enjoy them.  We’ve had many a customer hesitant to try something new to them (or even something they didn’t care for as a child) and come back the next week saying how much they enjoyed trying new produce–“it tastes better,” and “I had no idea I liked it!” were familiar responses.  We provide recipes for new vegetables and detailed information about uncommon varieties and uncommon vegetables.

Cooking for your family, whether a family of 5 or a family of 2, can seem daunting, but with a little practice and a conversation with your farmer can become second nature.  We grow these vegetables because we love to eat all of them!  From suggesting adding chopped up Kale to spaghetti sauce, to seemingly complicated soups and ways to store your produce for winter cooking, we can help you become a wonderful part-time chef.

Joining a CSAs brings you closer to your food and knowing your food is grown in a way that makes you proud to feed your family will satisfy you in ways you never thought of before.  We are here to answer any and all questions and love to chat with our customers.  Each week, you will look forward to our emailed newsletters describing the delicious treats in your box–and it’s all for you.  Sometimes, busy weeks come about, but feel free to share those extra radishes or squash with a neighbor or a family friend–they will enjoy them as much as you!

The best part is that the growing seasons ease you into cooking.  Spring starts with radishes, beets, and lots of greens for a few weeks, with new vegetables slowly entering the mix.  In the height of July and August you will see lots of tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, onions, eggplant, and zucchini.  Fall brings about more squashes and the cooler weather brings about the lettuces and cool weather crops like turnips, beets, and radishes.  By the time you start to feel overwhelmed, your new skills and tastes will propel you into the Fall and all of the sudden the season will end and you will be more than excited to find that frozen bag of roasted tomatoes you put up in the summer to make a delicious meal as the snow flies in December.

Nothing compares to fresh and local produce prepared for your family and we look forward to being the farmers that bring that love to your table!

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