New Year

It’s a new year, with new goals, new ideas, new this and new that.  It’s also when the two of us recover from the various doings of the Holiday season and start anticipating the spring.

Which means….”There’s a lot of work to dooooo!”  Oh, Johnny Appleseed, I sing that mantra all year long and I can hear it whispering in the back of my mind like the quiet start of a 10-month symphony.  The new year means planning, sorting, and more planning.  Planning crops–where should they go and how many to support our demand at market and our CSA, planning time, adding new ideas, changing this, and improving that.

We’re expanding our CSA and moving up to a full acre of land next year.  I can’t believe how much food we grew on just half an acre of land!  It’s easy to think of one acre as about 75% of a football field, including end zones.  So we grew all that on 37% of a football field!   We supported more than 20 families through our CSA with an average of 10-12lbs of produce each week for 20 weeks as well as numerous families through the Old Cheney Road Farmers Market and the Uni Place Market.  That can only happen with proper planning, diligence, and great weather, too!

We’re also adding an egg, cheese, and grass-fed ground beef add-on for our CSA Members!  How exciting…and delicious!  Our pastured eggs will come from Vern Jantzen in Beatrice, the cheese is from Branched Oak Farms and our grass-fed ground beef from Davey Road Ranch both in Lincoln.

Whew!  That was a lot of numbers, let’s get back to the words.  The bearded farmer takes care of the numbers and the long haired farmer is better with words:)

We’re getting back to work on our plans and much more.  You enjoy the end of winter and the beginnings of spring and we’ll see you soon!



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