Sprouting Seeds

Even though the weather is still quite chilly and windy, things are getting started here at Cook Grow Sew.  Jeremiah has diligently planted over a thousand teeny tiny onion seeds, rhubarb, and even some marigolds.


Above are little rhubarb plants.  We’re strongly thinking about turning a large portion of our front yard into a rhubarb patch!


And here our our little onions!  They are already quite tall!  We love onions and look forward to lots and lots of them this coming year.

At the moment, we are working on our CSA plan so that we plant the right amount of vegetables on the right day to ensure that we’ll have a great variety for our members.  We have to be as prepared as possible because Mother Nature often has other plans! :)

Last year was our first year growing for a CSA and it was quite the learning experience.  For us, it was making sure we had variety, quality, and quantity.  We sure enjoyed talking with our members, offering cooking and storing advice, and learning about how they used their fresh veggies.  A box a week of vegetables can sound quite overwhelming, but each week, we sent our members a newsletter that explained the varieties in their boxes, included recipes, as well as storage tips.  We learned that our vegetables lasted quite a bit longer than many people were used to.  We pick our vegetables less than 24 hours (and usually only 8 hours) before they are washed, bunched, and packed into the CSA boxes.  That sure beats many stores in quality!  A lot of times, grocery stores are placing produce out over a week after it has been picked.  No wonder fresh greens don’t last more than a few days!

It’s time to get back to work on the paper side of our farm and we hope if you have any questions at all you’ll send us an email at cookgrowsew@gmail.com or give us a call 402-370-5898.



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